With most sports tournaments being postponed or cancelled we sat down with Luchie Javelos from Visit Tucson Sports to discuss her role as Sports Sales Manager and the impact COVID-19 is having on the sports tourism industry.

Compete: How did you get involved with Visit Tucson Sports?

Luchie: I transitioned from a corporate management role that wasn’t quite the right fit and joined Visit Tucson as a sales/sports admin assistant. Within a few years, I become a Sports Sales Manager and now lead the department.

Compete: What is your favorite part of being involved Visit Tucson Sports?

Luchie: My favorite part is being able to share my love and passion for my city of Tucson and providing experiences for my community. Also, the amazing network of industry peers I’ve cultivated over the years, many of whom I’ve created great friendships with.

Compete: How long have you been with this organization?

Luchie: My 5th year anniversary is in July 2020.

Compete: What is the first sport you played?

Luchie: The first physical sport I officially played was volleyball. I was also part of our school’s scrabble team in grade school which some may not consider a “sport” but it was definitely a highly competitive environment, mental sport.

Compete: How old were you when you first played sports?

Luchie: I can’t even remember the exact age. I was very active at a young age, growing up in the Philippines, we were always doing something.

Compete: What makes LGBTQ+ sports special?

Luchie: LGBTQ+ sports provide an inclusive environment for the community. It is a way to raise awareness, while providing a safe space and fun competition. It’s also an eye opener to communities to examine how their city welcomes the LGBTQ+ community and maybe re-evaluate their policies, etc. accordingly.

Compete: Do you have a role model? If so please name them and tell why.

Luchie: This is a difficult one to answer. I have a lot of strong women in my life who I look up to and may be too many to list here. But each of them continue to challenge me to be a better human and are some of the kindest people I’ve ever met.

Compete: What qualities make a good sports leader?

Luchie: I would say the ability to listen has to be in the top 3. Number 1 would be someone who truly knows their “why” and is invested in the wellbeing of everyone involved, cultivating a healthy environment, both physically and mentally.