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Positive Outcomes From Unexpected News

We are only halfway through the year and there have already been a lot of sports-related LGBTQ news. But some of the news, from Caitlyn Jenner’s book to the last minute cancellation of most of the Miami OutGames sporting events, was surprising and unexpected. In cases like this, you can’t change or undo what has been done but hopefully there is a positive outcome that ultimately results from it.

Take Jenner’s book. I know many people have already burnt out on the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. In fact, I just saw an online promo for a new show featuring Kylie Jenner on the network. For me, that just means another TV show to avoid. Good thing I have lots of copies of Compete laying around.

Even with all the K/J burnout, Jenner’s book made headlines. Kris said this; Caitlyn said that. It was the classic she said; she said. While I very much admire Jenner for coming out so publicly, I have to say from the little I have read that this book shared way too much about other people’s lives. And while I may not agree with it, information on others shared in this way truly is between all those involved to settle. I know I wouldn’t want any of my family members writing a book about me! Hopefully there will be something helpful in it for some transgender people thinking about transitioning.

Another recent shock was the last minute cancellation of most of the Miami OutGames. I truly feel for those athletes and fans that traveled to Miami only to find out the competition and camaraderie they were eagerly anticipating had been cancelled at the very last minute!

However, the way the Miami community came to together to make sure as many of the events as possible could be held was really the positive side of a story that is still evolving. Photos of participants playing their sports flooded the press and social media, proving yet again that in the worst of situations, there are wonderful people willing to go out of their way to help others in need. Our hearts go out and our hats go off to all those who went above and beyond to help these stranded gay and ally athletes!

Media outlets like the Miami Herald did a superb job reporting on the amazing generosity and camaraderie that pulled the OutGames back together. They also reported on the potential criminal allegations against the event organizers, allegations which we certainly hope will turn out to be false. But it is still too early for answers. Only time will tell the outcome but let’s all hope something positive will come from all this.


With You,

Eric Carlyle, SDL


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