This will be the first time in almost a decade that Gay Games Powerlifting will take place. The LGBT Powerlifting Union are delighted to announce they will be assisting Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 in the delivery and promotion of the Powerlifting event – which will mean that Powerlifting will be restored to its original place on the first day of the Gay Games. The event will welcome Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual, Transgender and Queer Powerlifters from across the globe.

The Powerlifting programme will be from Saturday 4th November to Monday 6th November 2023 and will consist of a Weigh In,  Athletes Meeting, Competition Day, Powerlifters Banquet and Training Workshops.

The Gay Games XI Opening Ceremony will be on the Saturday 4th November 2023 and the Closing Ceremony will be a week later are on the 11th November 2023.

Speaking about the return of Gay Games Powerlifting, Chris Morgan, Gay Games Ambassador & Technical Director Gay Games XI Powerlifting, Said …

“We are very grateful to Gay Games Guadalajara 2023 and the Federation of Gay Games in helping the LGBT Powerlifting Union to make this opportunity possible for Powerlifters to once again participate in the Gay Games. It has been six year project for myself and the LGBT Powerlifting Union to restore competitive Powerlifting to Gay Games and we are delighted to announce that this will definitely now happen in Gay Games XI next year”.

Chris Continued

“The venue for the Powerlifting event will be the purpose built Weightlifting Arena, Code Paradero – that was created for the Pan American Games Weightlifting in 2011. We are deeply honoured to have been given this opportunity to be able to become part of the legacy of this world class venue”.

Powerlifting was one of the original sports of Gay Games in 1982, where it took place on the first day of the first Gay Games – it has since been part of every Gay Games through to Cleveland in 2014, after which it was unfortunately omitted in Paris in 2018. The LGBT Powerlifting Union has since run the LGBT International Powerlifting Championships from 2017 to 2022, which has been testing a new format and rulebook in preparation for Gay Games XI.

In next year’s Gay Games lifters will be able to participate regardless of their age, sexuality, health status, ability or gender. For the first time in Gay Games there will be an optional Mx third gender category, which welcomes transgender, non-binary and intersex participants to compete. This will mean transgender participants will be able to choose whether to compete as male, female or MX without fear of discrimination.

Gay Games XI in 2023 will give LGBTQ+ Powerlifters the opportunity to come together in Unity and “Make History Together”. Registration is now open visit places are limited.

Useful website addresses  Gay Games XI Powerlifting – Rule Book Link

Chris Morgan can be contacted at

Gay Games XI Powerlifting welcomes Lesbian, Gay, Bi Sexual and Trans men or Trans women who have decided to transition– who will be to participate within either Male, Female or within an optional Mx Category. The third gender Mx Category is also for people who do not identify as one or the other, such as Non Binary or Intersex.

The sport of Powerlifting was part of the programme of Gay Games in nine Gay Games from 1982 San Francisco through to Gay Games 2014 in Cleveland Ohio. It was also part of the World Out games in Montreal in 2006. Bench Press Single Event was part of the Eurogames in Munich in 2004.

Powerlifting was not included in Gay Games Paris 2018, but has now been confirmed to be returning in Guadalajara 2023

The Federation of Gay Games website can be found at the LGBT Powerlifting Union can be found at

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Biography – Chris Morgan: Male Co-President, LGBT Powerlifting Union & Gay Games Ambassador

Chris has been one of the UK’s leading openly gay athletes since starting his Powerlifting career at the Gay Games in 1998.

During his twenty year career he has represented England and Great Britain a total of twenty six times, where he has taken a total of twenty eight international medals. He has been World Champion ten times, European Champion five times, British Champion eighteen times and has won six Gay Games gold medals. He was the overall Best Lifter at the British Deadlift Championships six times consecutively between 2010 and 2015. In 2011 was the overall Best Lifter at the European Deadlift Championships and he is the holder of several British and World records in the Deadlift.

Chris is constantly working for the organisation that gave him confidence to be an openly gay athlete, as a global ambassador. His role for the Federation of Gay Games is to inspire and motivate young gay athletes worldwide.

Charlotte Wareing: Female Co-President, LGBT Powerlifting Union, World Champion Powerlifter.

Charlotte has been powerlifting for seven years, she has won five master’s European titles and seven World titles.

She holds 41 World Records in both raw and equipped lifting.  She has twice achieved the overall best lifter once each at European and World level.  Charlotte was the recipient of  the LGBT IPC “Spirit Award” in 2017 for her courage and commitment to the LGBT Community, which she views as one of the Highlights of her career.

Charlotte is keen to grow the sport of powerlifting and works hard to introduce the sport to novice lifters.

Photos Courtesy Chris Morgan