By Dirk Smith, M.Sc, SDL (He/Him)

After two years, the Sin City Classic is set to make its fabulous return to Las Vegas this January 13th-16th and it’s going to be better than ever. The world’s largest (normally) annual LGBTQIA+ multi-sport event is organized by the Greater Los Angeles Softball Association and attracts thousands of LGBTQIA+ athletes from all over the continent to compete in a larger offering of sports. In addition, there are numerous parties, shows, and events to take part in.

Even more importantly, the annual Compete Sports Diversity Leadership Conference will also be a featured event as part of the Sin City Classic. The Compete Sports Diversity Council brings together LGBTQIA+ and allied sports diversity leaders together for a conference to discuss and plan actions toward improving LGBTQIA+ diversity in sports for organizations across the country. At the conclusion of the leadership conference is the Compete Sports Diversity Awards in which we honor and recognize sports diversity leaders for their outstanding contributions in promoting LGBTQIA+, PoC, and gender diversity in sports.

This year, the Sin City Classic is returning for the first time since the pandemic, so unfortunately not all the usual sports will be offered, but we expect the bulk of the program to return, including the Sin City Classic mainstays of Softball, and Kickball. The International Gay and Lesbian Football Association will be hosting their North American Indoor World Championships at the Sin City Classic as well. In addition, we can’t wait to see Spikeball, Cheerleading, eSports, Running, Wrestling, Quidditch (yes, you read that right) and so many others!

Registration is currently open for most sports as well as booking for the three host hotels, Flamingo, Linq and Rio. For more information and to register, visit and follow them on Facebook for current updates at

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I need to get training!

Photo Credit: Sin City Classic