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October 2016 Events



Jackpot Oklahoma Lambda Tournament
Tulsa, Oct. 7

Bridgetown Invitational Tournament
Portland, Ore., Oct. 7

Motown Invitational Classic
Canton, Mich., Oct. 7

Rivercity Invitational Open Tournament
Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 7

Northeast Invitational Tournament Boston
Boston, Oct. 8

Palm Springs Desert Invitational Classic
Palm Springs, Oct. 20

Capital Halloween Invitational Tournament
Washington, D.C., Oct. 28

Cincinnati Tri-State Invitational Tournament
Cincinnati, Oct. 28

WeHo Charity Halloween Tournament
Los Angeles, Oct. 22

Flag Football
Gay Bowl XVI
Washington, D.C., Oct. 7-9

World Gay Rodeo Finals 30th Anniversary
Las Vegas, Oct. 21-23

12th Annual Pride Run
Oakland, Calif., Oct. 8

Show-Me Showdown
Kansas City, Mo., Oct 7-9

Autumn Classic
San Diego, Oct. 8

Buckeye Softball Classic
Columbus, Oct. 8

Ocean State Cup Classic
Providence, RI, Oct. 8-9

Crape Myrtle Tennis Classic
Raleigh, Oct. 8-10

Aloha Tennis Open 2016
Honolulu, Oct. 21-23

New Orleans, Oct. 21-23

San Diego Doubles 2016
San Diego, Oct. 22-23

Minnesota Autumn Classic
Minneapolis, Oct. 8

Fall Ball III
Portland, Oct. 8

Fall Classic
Dallas, Oct. 8

Circle City Fest
Indianapolis, Oct. 15

Vegas Baby!
Las Vegas, Oct. 29

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