This Sunday (June 29th) will mark what is sure to be a milestone in the long walk towards equality. For the first time ever, Boy Scouts will lead the Pride March through the cities most recognizable and highly populated areas.

While sure to be a symbol of how far equal rights have come in our country, many are still feeling excluded, and are even treated that way by their fellow members.

Famous Boy Scout David Knapp, 87, will also be marching along with his comrades, as well as former Scoutmaster Peter Brownstein, both of whom were recently forced out of the Boy Scouts of America after Knapp was “discovered” to be gay, and Brownstein merely delivered pizzas to same-sex couples who were waiting to marry.

Despite the organization itself banning gay adults (the BSA abolished their policy banning gay children last year), the members find the values instilled by the systems still valuable enough to join up, regardless of their sexual orientation.