Breaking from the normal formula of Pride Nights and representation of LGBTI fans in professional sports. The New York Rangers have invited members of the New York Gay Hockey Association to take an active part in the NHL team’s annual Pride Night. However, it’ll be more of a full Pride Day as the event will start with two 50-minute scrimmages with the NYCGHA on the ice at Madison Square Garden. All players must be a member of the NYCGHA and each scrimmage will include 15 skaters and 1 goalie for a total of 32 gay hockey players taking to the ice on Tuesday, January 15th.

The event starts at 1pm and following the scrimmages, the team will join other LGBTI fans in watching the New York Rangers take on the Carolina Hurricanes at Madison Square Garden. The Pride Night will be cohosted by the You Can Play Project which is an organization dedicated to the safety and inclusion of all participants across the world of sports.

The New York City Gay Hockey Association are selling special New York Rangers rainbow jerseys featuring both the NYCGHA and the You Can Play logo with the NYCGHA athletes wearing them during their scrimmages at Madison Square Garden. The New York Rangers and NHL have taken part in New York City Pride Parade and have worked with You Can Play with the NHL to “spread the message of acceptance and respect within the hockey community.”

Ticket prices start at an appropriate price of $69, click here to find out more information.

By Dirk Smith