Photo by Gotham Knights RFC

One of the gay men’s community most favorite part of the holiday season is the release of the 2020 Naked *Insert Sport Here* Calendars. Many different teams and sports in the past have launched calendars and this year promises to be no different.

We would like to highlight two calendars released by International Gay Rugby RFC’s for 2020. The Calendars feature players from the team posing in fun and cheeky (pun intended) pictures sans clothes. The funds from the calendars raise money not only to support the club itself, but also a local charity as a way to promote the sport of rugby and give back to the community.

The Gotham Knights RFC is debuting a new calendar for the first time in 10 years and is
“celebrating the unique and beautiful personalities of this great club.” The Calendar costs exactly $20.20 with $1 of each sale being donated to a local LGBTQI charity organization. The Gotham Knights are hosting a Calendar Release Party to celebrate the official launch on November 20th at Industry Bar in New York City. For more information and to order yours, visit

Additionally, an organization based in the UK appropriately called “The Naked Rugby Players” consists of 83 players from six different inclusive rugby clubs all across the UK. The clubs include the Bristol Bisons, Cardiff Lions, Chester Centurians, Leeds Hunters, Northampton Outlaws, and the Wessex Wyverns. The Naked Rugby Players releases a calendar every year with 2020 being promised as the “BIGGEST ever naked rugby calendar.” The proceeds from each calendar go to each of the participating rugby clubs and toward supporting the “Balls to Walls” Cancer Charity which advocates for testicular health and cancer prevention services.

In addition to the basic calendar, The Naked Rugby Players also offering a “Deluxe Signed Package and a “Super Deluxe Signed Package” as well as previous years’ calendars and digital wallpapers. For more information and to shop, visit

By Dirk Smith