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NAGAAA – 40 Years of Love, Family and Gay Softball

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the founding of NAGAAA, the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance. While the organization celebrated the 40th anniversary of its flagship tournament, the Gay Softball World Series last year, this year the celebration is about the organization itself, about the leagues and teams of its member cities in the U.S. and Canada and the men and women who for the past 40 years have regularly played their hearts out for the game they love.


A gift for a fortieth-year wedding anniversary is a ruby, historically considered to represent love, energy, passion and a zest for life. While NAGAAA isn’t in the wedding business technically, the ruby couldn’t be a more perfect representation of what NAGAAA members feel they get from the organization. Thanks to NAGAAA member Jeff Sloan, here are three stories of gay and straight softball players that illustrate that love, energy, passion and a zest for life members experience on a regular basis.


As NAGAAA members arrive in Portland, Oregon for the annual Gay Softball World Series on September 4-10, there will intense excitement for the games to begin. But for the many players who count NAGAAA as their adult family of choice, they’ll also be sharing stories, laughter and a beer or two as they reminisce about what they love most – gay softball!


Photo courtesy of NAGAAA Archives



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