Photo by 2019 Gay Softball World Series Kansas City

The North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance is pleased to announce a partnership with Monsta Athletics to meet the organization’s bat and equipment needs for NAGAAA Cup, Gay Softball World Series and for our members overall.

Monsta was founded in 2012 and is recognized as one of the foremost softball bat manufacturers and retail companies in the world. The company is known for their “high performance softball bats” using the most advanced bat design on the planet. The Southern California based company utilizes (FIB) Inner Barrel Technology to increase performance right out of the package while simultaneously giving unmatched durability.

Quote from NAGAAA Commissioner, Jeff Card:

“When we began looking at improving NAGAAA’s position in relation to softball equipment and bats specifically, Monsta stood out among the crowd as a company we wanted to do business with based on their high quality products, revenue sharing opportunities and their values which are closely aligned with our organization’s mission.”

Quote from Monsta:

“NAGAAA is a premier organization for our company to partner with and one we’ve looked at partnering with for some time. Our company is about community, fair play and athletic competition. We are passionate about providing our high performance softball bats to NAGAAA members and at NAGAAA events.”

Monsta will sell exclusive NAGAAA branded bats in addition to providing bats for NAGAAA Cup and the Gay Softball World Series with a portion of the proceeds of each bat purchased coming back to NAGAAA. This is the first time in NAGAAA’s history that the organization will have an exclusively branded bat. Additionally, NAGAAA has never had a revenue sharing model with a bat sponsor before giving the organization a new opportunity to offset the higher expenses associated with our growing events.

Quote from NAGAAA Athletic Director, John Deffee:

“Having our own NAGAAA branded bat for the first time ever is an exciting thing for our members. We envision our members buying more than one bat and possibly keeping one as a keep sake. This is a historic moment for NAGAAA.”

Quote from NAGAAA Director of Competition, Jeff Sloan:

“NAGAAA is thrilled to have the opportunity to use Monsta’s quality products at the NAGAAA Cup and at our flagship event, the Gay Softball World Series. Fair play is essential to the integrity of our game and leveling the playing field with continuing pick-a-stick is a critical component of fair play.”

Just 375 new NAGAAA branded bats will be available for Pre-Sale beginning on Monday, October 21st. Bats can be purchased for $250 with a portion of the proceeds of each bat sold coming back to support NAGAAA. Specific ordering information will be posted through NAGAAA social media in the coming days.

NAGAAA is the member-driven managing organization that coordinates the highest level of international competitive LGBT softball. NAGAAA sets the standards for fair play, supports local leagues with understanding and executing those standards and ensures accountability and compliance with the standards during sponsored athletic competitions. Currently there are more than 46 cities in North America with a NAGAAA Affiliated league, and there are collectively over 1,000 unique teams and over 17,000 players.