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Meggings Are The Latest Craze In Men’s Activewear

Leggings-3Sweatpants and gym shorts may feel great after a long day, but most of the time they pretty much lack in style. Think about it – when you’re grabbing a coffee or shopping at the mall in gym sweats, the last thing you want is to run into a hot Grindr date you still haven’t met in person. Before you totally give up on finding sexy workout clothes for men, you need to give one of athleisure’s biggest trends a shot: meggings.

If you’ve never heard of “meggings” before, it’s just a shorter way of referring to leggings for men. They’re spandex pants you’ve probably seen on outdoor runners and recreational cyclists. Athletes have worn them alone or underneath shorts during cooler temperatures. Some retailers refer to them as mens compression pants or running tights, but they’re basically the same garment with slight variations in fabric composition.

Although athletes have been using leggings for years, men’s fashion leggings didn’t really exist until athleisure started trending. Large sporting goods stores sold men’s tights predominantly in solid patterns and neutral colors, and they were marketed for purely exercise. It was almost taboo to where them for anything else besides exercising, and they were designed too athletic to pair with everyday streetwear clothes, like leather jackets.

Differio-Leggings-2The good news is, cool leggings for men are finally available today, and they’re trendy enough to wear in and out of the gym scene. Some of menswear’s biggest fashion influencers, like Jared Leto and Bryanboy, have been seen casually wearing meggings with combat boots or chunky sandals. It’s the easiest piece to wear if you want incredibly comfortable workout pants without sacrificing style.

While numerous retailers do offer stylish leggings for men, Differio is one of the few men’s clothing websites that sell a unique and high-quality variety by exclusive brands. Their entire collection of trendy mens clothing is produced by some of the top streetwear brands from all over the world, including their wide assortment of men’s activewear. These men’s leggings are designed in edgy styles, bright patterns and bold graphics you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re feeling adventurous, a lot of guys that love leather swear by the thigh-enhancing workout tights by Maskulo with a removable crotch (what you do with that is entirely up to you). For men that are still on the fence about leggings, mens leg warmers make a great alternative as a starter piece for easing into the trend. A leader in gay menswear, you’ll even find workout tights on Differio perfect for gay pride outfits, like printed rainbow leggings. Whether you’re going for minimalist or extreme looks, you’re going to find leggings that match your personal style.





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