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Meet World OutGames Athlete: Rodney Ferrell

As a single, 44-year old television producer living in Los Angeles, California, Rodney will be playing tennis in Miami with his doubles partner, Eric Mellis. Also involved in biking, running and triathlons, Rodney says that sports offer him the perfect escape from his high stress job. He loves the competition, the drive and dedication it takes to get better as well as the character it gives people. And as a desert lover (“cookies and more cookies”) he loves the added plus that it keeps him in shape.

Growing up in the Midwest, Rodney came out at age 16 and in his words, “Whoa! Portland, Indiana was not quite ready for that at the time. But why not lead the charge, right?” Saying that he was always very active in sports growing up, it wasn’t until he joined a community theater company that he started to meet a group of people that were like him. “YAS, a bunch of theater queens took me under their wing. It was my first experience with the LBGTQ community and once I saw how much that guidance and support meant to me in my life, I swore I would always be there for the younger generations.”

Rodney considers his greatest personal achievement as “coming to Los Angeles from Indiana with nothing and building a successful and promising career in Hollywood that changed my life.” He now plays in a lot of sporting events that are part of the LGBTQ community in Los Angeles and says “I think it’s a great way for young people to become part of the community and I like to be a good support system for them.”



By Connie Wardman

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Photo courtesy of Rodney Ferrell. Rodney Ferrell (L) and Eric Mellis (R). 



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