Each year COMPETE SPORTS DIVERSITY honors the best of sports Diversity. This year PETEY welcomed guests to the awards ceremony by introducing Petey. He said that “Broadway has the Tonys, television has the Emmys, mov- ies have the Oscars and mainstream sports have the ESPYs. And now sports diversity has the Peteys.”

Compete Magazine, he noted, was founded on the rugby pitches of New York City in 2006. And using rugby as our inspiration, Petey (short for Com- pete if you haven’t already made the connection) symbolizes sports diversity. A rugby official raises an arm vertically to confirm a team’s score or try as it is called in rugby.

So mimicking the official’s call, Petey’s left arm is raised to honor our award winners for their efforts and accomplishments for the greater good of sports diversity. And going forward, we are unofficially nicknaming this the Petey Awards. And when you see those who took home the very first Peteys for their efforts, you’ll understand that these people have absolutely earned their “try.”

Photo by Compete Magazine