Manscaped is the world’s best known manscaping (or male grooming) brand. And for good reason: they design and engineer high-quality manscaping tools and products, so that today’s modern man can take care of his package. Manscaped not only improves the appearance of a man’s groin area, but the package-specific tools and formulations also improve the health of a man’s below-the-belt zone by offering Active pH Control to keep skin healthy and moisturized.

The first tool a manscaping neophyte needs is a cordless electric trimmer made just for getting around the hills and plains of your nether region. A large, bulky corded trimmer like those made for your face won’t work for your balls.

Thanks to modern technology and precision engineering, specially-designed tools like The Lawn Mower from Manscaped make getting rid of excessive pubic hair easy and painless, since The Lawn Mower is designed especially for manscaping — nothing else.

Interested in the details on the most popular male trimmer out there? Here they are: The Lawn Mower features no-slip, palm grip assembly for optimal maneuverability and accuracy, in addition to a cordless, compact size. Like we mentioned above, you don’t want a large, bulky trimmer with cords around your manhood!

What about nicks and cuts? Remember when you first start shaving your face, and you would end up with toilet paper bits all over it to cover your cuts? Well, that won’t happen here. The Lawn Mower also prevent nicks with multi-adjustable safety guard. (You can adjust the cutting length to your preference, too.) Its stainless steel, dual blade shears and powerful 4,000 RPM motor (with 4,000 cutting strokes per minute) make for a quick and easy even trim. Plus, the long lasting 4.5-hour battery life means you won’t lose power mid-trim. Because that would be an aesthetic disaster.

What about after trimming? If you’re confident in the look of your junk after using The Lawn Mower, then more power to you. Keep the hair down there as it is. But if you need an extra sense of refinement, an extra artistic flair, then it’s time to use The Plow, Manscaped’s safety razor with old-school aesthetic appeal.


This stainless steel, single double-edged blade wonder is for the man who needs an extra-smooth look for his package. Designed for sensitive skin, The Plow from Manscaped comes with replacement stainless steel blades included. You may not think that it’s a smart idea using a razor on your nuts, but when this comes with a safety guard for easy gliding and nick protection, you’d be foolish not to. The ribbed handle makes it easy to grip, and the compact size, again, allows you the utmost in control and precision when performing a manscaping session.

Keeping your crotch hair under control isn’t just a matter of looks — it’s a matter of health, too. Excessive pubic hair can breed bacteria of the not-so-friendly kind. It can cause skin inflammation, bacterial infection, and even lead to HPV. At the very least, excessive pubic hair can stink! Removing or minimizing the hair on and around your balls promotes increase skin and sexual health.

Using Manscaped’s precision engineered tools like The Lawn Mower 3.0 and The Plow are the first two steps in a manscaping session. To complement their fine work, you need products formulated just for the scrotum skin and the surrounding area. Luckily, Manscaped thought of everything. After trimming with The Lawn Mower (step one) and shaving using The Plow (step two), it’s time to cleanse, moisturize, deodorize, and freshen up. Manscaped created the Crop Cleanser as an all-in-one hair and body wash that maintains the delicate acid mantle of scrotum skin. It cleanses effectively without the over-drying that can be found with many other body washes.

After cleansing with Crop Cleanser from Manscaped, the next step is to dry off thoroughly, then apply Crop Preserver, Manscaped’s cult favorite product. Crop Preserver is a gel talcum formulation that you apply to your balls. It deodorizes, moisturizes, and keeps your ball sack dry. You know that icky feeling you get when your ball sack sticks to your leg? Well, you won’t have that after using Crop Preserver!

After using Crop Preserver, we get it — how can it get better? Well, it can. Just you wait. Crop Reviver is the last, refreshing step to a successful manscaping session. Crop Reviver is a freshening spritz that cools down a dark, hot, cramped crotch. But don’t restrict your use of Crop Reviver to your manscaping regimen — you can use Crop Reviver anytime during the day when your man goods feel wilted or hot. Just keep a bottle in your desk or car for anytime ball freshening.

Photo by Manscaped