The upcoming French language film, “Les Crevettes Pailletées” is a light-hearted comedy that dives into some really powerful themes of gay acceptance and education in sports. According to the synopsis…

“Matthias Le Goff, an Olympic champion at the end of his career, makes a homophobic statement on TV. His punishment; coach the Sequined Shrimps, a flamboyant and amateur gay water-polo team. They have only one thing in mind: to qualify for the Gay Games in Croatia where the hottest international LGBT athletes compete. It’s the start of a bumpy and joyful ride.“

While the story is completely fictional, and the Gay Games have never taken place in Croatia. The story is a strong and powerful message about overcoming one’s own misconceptions and preconceived notions about others. It’s a message wrapped up in the flamboyance and comedy of the story that makes it enjoyable and fun for the audience.

Some of the scenes in the film were filmed in Paris during the 2018 Gay Games, including scenes of the opening ceremony and is the first ever fictional movie set at and featuring the Gay Games. The film stars Nicolas Gob, Alban Lenoir, Geoffrey Couët and Romain Lancry and debuted to rave reviews at the 22nd Alpe d’Huez Film Festival where it took home the “Special Jury Prize.”

Les Crevettes Pailletées is set to debut in French Cinemas on May 8th. Check out the trailer below!

By Dirk Smith