Coming up on Sunday, February 3rd. The LA Rams will take on the New England Patriots for the Super Bowl and with it, drumming up some old LA/Boston rivalries. One of these rivalries is among the Gay Men’s Choruses of LA and Boston who have placed a friendly but fierce wager on the outcome of the big game; which they’ve dubbed “The Big Game Challenge.”

“This is a friendly wager, but we take this Boston-L.A. rivalry very seriously. In their many championship games against the Los Angeles Lakers throughout the 1980s, the Boston Celtics showed us that it’s always better to ‘Beat L.A.’,” said BGMC Executive Dirertor Craig Coogan.

If the Patriots win, the LA Chorus has to perform “Please Come to Boston” By Dave Loggins and if the Rams take home the trophy, then the Boston Chorus must perform “I Love LA” by Randy Newman. The performance will then be posted online so all can share in their victory (or defeat). In addition, the winner of the challenge will make a donation to GALA Choruses which is the “Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses.”

“This will be a great series between two amazing teams,” said Jonathan Weedman, executive director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles. “But we’re shipping the musical arrangement for “I Love LA” to Boston today because the Rams are going to win!”

Both the New England Patriots and LA Rams have been very supportive of the LGBTI community. With the Patriots being the first major league sponsor of a gay sports event when they sponsored the 2017 Gay Bowl in Boston. In addition, the Rams are notable for being the team that first drafted openly gay athlete Michael Sam in 2014.

So the question is, do you want to hear “I Love LA” or “Please Come to Boston?”

By Dirk Smith