By Dirk Smith, M.Sc, SDL (He/Him)

Knockout Blonde: The Kellie Maloney Story is a five-part documentary series about Kellie Maloney, a boxing promotor and former manager of famous British Boxer, Lennox Lewis. Kellie is also transgender and is often described as “the most well-known transgender person in Britain.”

A Verdi Productions and Art Factory Films production, Knockout Blonde is “The authorized documentary of Kellie Maloney, the famous British transgender boxing manager. This unique film will explore Kellie’s story of truth and denial, as she confronted uncertainty and ultimately accepted herself for who she was.”

Frank Maloney and Lennox Lewis

The documentary offers intimate insight into Kellie’s life, her career in boxing, working with Lennox Lewis, coming out as transgender and undergoing gender affirming surgery, her life after coming out and transitioning. More directly, it follows Kellie’s journey as she works in boxing, a typically masculine sport, as a woman trapped in the body of a man. As Kellie tries to conceal her conflicting gender identity, she rises in the world of boxing and becomes one of the most famous boxing promoters in the world.

Maloney said: “I am proud of who I am and that I have been able to stop living a lie by being true to myself and family. I hope this documentary helps people to understand and see others not as freaks or dysfunctional individuals but that we’re all members of the human race. I hope that people that watch this film will learn from my story to respect one another.”

The film was produced and directed by the same team that also made the feature documentary, Lennox Lewis: The Untold Story. Knockout Blonde was directed by Rick Lazes and Tom DeNucci. It made its world debut in 2021 and has been featured at film festivals all around the world, including the Cannes World Film Festival where it has been awarded “Best Documentary Feature Film”.

Director Lazes added: “It has been an honor to produce and direct this important documentary and in some small way to help people to learn to accept those that are different from themselves. I have so much respect for Kellie, who despite overcoming major obstacles, lives a well-adjusted and happy life and has maintained close ties with her family and friends.”

Knockout Blonde will make it’s North American premier on September 30th at the Voices Rising Film Festival. 

Photo Credits: Seth Koch (Behind the Scenes Photos) & Kellie Maloney.