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July 2017 Community Hero: Babak Dadvand M.D.

Please meet Compete Magazine’s newest Community Hero, Babak Dadvand M.D. – portrait painter, athlete and yes, plastic surgeon. You may think this is a strange combination until you learn more about Dr. Dadvand’s journey to where he is today – a well-respected plastic surgeon from the Los Angeles area who specializes in male breast reduction, also known as gynecomastia, and transgender top surgery.

At first glance you may wonder what it is that sets him apart from other plastic surgeons, making him so important to the LGBTQ community, especially to transgender individuals. Like his peers, he is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has spent years of extensive training honing his skills in aesthetic surgery. But what does set him apart is the relationship he creates with his patients. Based on trust, confidence and caring, he recognizes that the one-on-one relationship he builds with each patient goes far beyond the operating room.

Dr. Dadvand understands the deep importance of a person’s self-image. When patients come to him for treatment, he doesn’t take lightly the responsibility of improving their self-image and bringing some balance to their lives. By making patients feel comfortable during their initial consultations, he learns what it is they are hoping to gain as a result of the surgery, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally.

Growing up in Philadelphia, he was interested in science and always knew he wanted to be a doctor, yet he was also drawn to the arts and the relationship between his two interests. As a result, he was graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a duel degree in chemistry and in fine arts where he specialized in oil painting and figure sculpture with a particular focus on portraiture. He was also named a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

Following graduation from medical school at the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Dadvand had a general surgery residency at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, a plastic surgery residency at Indiana University Medical Center followed by a fellowship in advanced cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills, California. His early interest in the intersection of the arts and sciences is now a bonus for his patients. His artistic eye for the human form combined with his scientific study of human anatomy gives him a discerning eye when examining his patients, enabling him to gently enhance certain features, merging them with the patients’ expectations for their surgical outcome.

While he didn’t have much time for sports during his years of surgical training, Dr. Dadvand has recently started running triathlons and playing tennis, noting that “you’re never too old to take care of your body!” He’s even given yoga a try, saying that “Plastic surgery can be very physically demanding, requiring hours of strenuous activity sometimes in contorted positions. Sports and physical activity in general, such as yoga allow me to strengthen my body, focus my mind and increase my endurance to help balance the rigors of my profession.”

When talking about what led him to offer his surgical skills to the LGBTQ community, particularly the transgender community, Dr. Dadvand revealed what drives him at his core – a purpose-driven life. “I am always looking for purpose in what I do. I want to know that I am not just improving how someone looks but also improving their quality of life. Performing transgender surgery, namely top surgery, gives me a sense of fulfillment that most other surgeries do not,” he said. “There is no shortage of happy tears on the day the bandages come off and my patients can see their results for the first time. Finally they look on the outside how they have always felt on the inside. To be able to have a role in changing the trajectory of a patient’s life is very special to me.”

Dr. Dadvand’s mantra is to live a life in balance, saying that “Sports and physical activity balance my mind and body to allow me to continue performing plastic surgeries that can bring balance to my patients’ lives.” And we thank you, Dr. Dadvand for being a Community Hero by bringing that same balance to the lives of so many in the LGBTQ community!

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