The 13th Annual Party is set to take place this Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 from 6-9pm EST at Dave & Buster’s on 234 West 42nd Street (3rd floor) in New York City. The event invites athletes and teams from all over New York City for a “sports-themed huge networking and smooze fests.” It’s FREE! Jocks and non-jocks alike are invited.

Teams including Big Apple Softball, Braking Aids Ride. Cheer NY, Cycle for the Cause, Front Runners NY, Get Out and Trek, Gotham Cheer, Gotham Knights Rugby Club, Knickerbocker Sailing, Metropolitan Tennis Group, NYC Gay Basketball, NYC Gay Football, NYC Gay Hockey, NY Ramblers, NJ Devils, Out Cycling, Sundance Outdoor, and Team NY Aquatics and others will be represented at Jock-A-Thon. The event is a great opportunity for athletes to meet as well as anybody who is interested in getting involved in the NYC LGBT sports scene to “break the ice” as it were.

Since the event is hosted at Dave & Buster’s there will be half price arcade games and happy hour specials along with prizes and contests. The event, hosted by is the 13th edition and includes free registration. Find more information here!

By Dirk Smith