Spring is definitely in season and summer is getting close! This Memorial Day weekend is playing host to three, count them, THREE North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) Softball tournaments. Hopefully your team only signed you up for one of those tournaments eh?

Check it out! Kicking off the weekend in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is The Liberty Bell Classic. The City of Brotherly Love Softball League has invited teams from all over the east coast to join them for a fun weekend of Softball and partying.

Heading down south we arrive in Atlanta, Georgia for the Big Peach Softball Tournament, hosted by the Hotlanta Softball League. Which bills itself as “NAGAA’s Premier Tournament on Memorial Day Weekend” and with all these events, it certainly has competition!

Taking it all the way up north to Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League is hosting the North Star Classic which is also hosting this year’s annual NAGAA Cup. The NAGGA Cup is hosted to help build participation of A and B division teams in NAGAA Softball Tournaments.

Each event is hosting a whole weekend of parties and culminating in their closing parties which awards the tournament trophy to the best team in each division. Although, we can’t say which tournament is the best. We can award a Miss Congeniality Award to the Gotham City Softball Classic which was also scheduled to be held this weekend but was cancelled. Although the website promises a return for 2019 so look out!

All these tournaments are helping athletes get ready for the 2018 Gay Games in Paris this August 4th through the 12th and the 2018 Gay Softball World Series in Tampa Bay due to be held September 3rd through the 8th.

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By Dirk Smith