By Brian Patrick

It turns out that Giants DE Jason Pierre-Paul’s July 4th fireworks injury caused more damage than the amputation of his right index finger. According to Jason Cole of Bleacher Report, it also fractured his right thumb and caused additional fractures to the remaining fingers on that hand. You can see from the photos provided by the NY Daily News Sports Twitter feed how heavily bandaged JPP’s hand is.

Up until now JPP had not communicated with the Giants staff, even refusing to meet with Ronnie Barnes, Giants senior VP of medical services, and Giants former linebacker Jessie Armstead who had traveled to Florida to meet with him. Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports reported that JPP had also refused the Giants’ offer to provide him with medical assistance. He’s been getting treatment on his own in Florida.

Rhetoric from the Giants through July had been a bit sharp since they hadn’t seen JPP’s hand and had no idea of his readiness to play (or not). But messages are now more conciliatory. New York Daily News’ Ralph Vacchiano has said that Giants co-owner John Mara’s latest message to JPP is “Come home. We miss you.” It sounds good on the surface but only time will tell how all this plays out once the season starts.

Timing is everything and the timing on this made it a real fiasco. A team spokesperson said that team officials didn’t know about JPP’s decision to amputate his finger until they saw the report by ESPN – not a good way to make happy the people who sign your paycheck!

Once the Giants knew JPP was injured, said Ian Rapoport of (via his colleague Kevin Patra), they withdrew the $60 million contract offer it had made him. However, Rapoport says that even before the accident occurred, JPP wasn’t going to accept it. So there may be a contract standoff in the near future.

But for now he isn’t expected to sign until he’s ready to play. “Given the timing of the event,” said Patra, and the apparent judgment displayed, the Giants do not believe a long-term offer is in the best interest of those involved at this point.”

There are two last twists to this mess to keep it interesting. First, JPP is expected to file a lawsuit against the hospital for leaking his medical chart which violated his privacy rights under HIPPA, the federal Health Insurance Portability Act of 1996.

And second, it’s not clear yet whether or not JPP will be in legal trouble for possession of fireworks, depending on the type of fireworks he was using. According to Garafolo, police needed to determine where the accident occurred.

The old saying that “it takes a village” is a certainly true. But it certainly seems this particular “village” has had an overabundance of the requisite village idiots.


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