On December 1st, Aryan Pasha took part in his first ever bodybuilding competition at the Musclemain India event held in Dehli. Pasha, is a transgender male who competed in the Men’s Physique division.

The accomplished lawyer begun his transition at the age of 18, he was always interested in bodybuilding. When he learned about a bodybuilding event for transmen in the USA, he began to train. Unfortunately, Pasha’s visa to travel to the event was denied. So he decided instead to take part in Musclemania India, in the men’s category.

Having previously won medals competing in the female division, it was always Pasha’s dream to compete in the male division. In an interview with Gaylaxy, an LGBTI magazine based in Dehli, Pasha expressed…

“It was my dream to participate in Men’s category. Till now I have won medals in female category but this is what I actually wanted in my life – to complete with other men. I enjoyed every second when I was on stage because this is what I dreamt off. I was not nervous at all and just wanted to complete poses like a champion.”

Pasha’s plans to continue competing in bodybuilding competitions, with plans to participate in an International Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation (IBFF) event this coming Febuary in India. The IBFF event, for the first time, include a separate category for transgender men. Asha plans to compete in both the male and trans male categories.

By Dirk Smith