Founded nearly twenty years ago in 1996 Grace’s cricket club exists to “promote enjoyment of the game of cricket within the gay and lesbian community.” Now playing nearly thirty games in a season in and around London, this mission has never been more tangible.

As with many clubs and organizations covered in the annals of Compete, Graces is one of a kind as the only gay cricket club, but this doesn’t stop them from accepting players of all creeds. Graces also represents a small number of players (around fifty at the time of writing) and ‘social members’ that frequent the club activities.

Through the club’s history they have played international matches in Wiltshire and Spain and currently are looking to field two teams every weekend as the club expands.

Times haven’t always been kind to the club. In 2000 a national furor erupted in the UK when the descendants of W.G. Grace (easily one of Victorian-era England’s most recognizable athletic figures and world-renowned as a cricketer to this day) felt the need to express their displeasure at Grace’s Cricket Club for the use of their family name.

Grace’s Cricket Club responded to such baseless commentary by stating that the late Grace was “a pioneering figure in his time, just as we are now!” Needless to say the name stuck, and the free press helped keep the club afloat financially through the aughts.

Now sponsored by UK mainstay “Pleasuredome,” one of the leading gay spas in London, Grace’s is sure to have a foothold for the future. If you’d like more information on Grace’s go ahead and visit their website.