As part of an initiative called #ClimbForJustice, members of Kenya’s LGBTQI community summited the 5,199 meter or 17,057-foot-tall Mt. Kenya in order to make a strong statement against the oppression and injustice of discrimination against LGBTQI people in Kenya.

Homosexuality is technically illegal in Kenya, but that hasn’t stopped an increasing number of people who are coming out and publicly expressing themselves in defiance of this law. #ClimbForJustice is an initiative by human rights activists who’s aim is to raise funds to build a safe house for Human Rights Defenders (HRDs) in Kenya.

Despite previous attempts to decriminalize homosexuality in Kenya, including trying to repeal Kenya Penal Code Section 162 A and C that criminalizes same sex relations, the law still stands and oppression of the LGBTQI community is very much prevalent in Kenya.

However, that hasn’t stopped these courageous climbers from climbing Kenya’s tallest mountain to make the statement that LGBTQI rights are human rights, and that the oppression and stigmas should not be allowed to persist.

By Dirk Smith