Happy Pride Month everybody! If you’ve tried to log onto www.competenetwork.com this past week, we apologize for the technical issues. We have seen quite an uptick in traffic lately and our servers weren’t quite expecting it. Should be all fixed now so get on there and catch up!

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you might have noticed our new #iCompete video campaign. For Pride Month, we have reached out to our followers, because we have been sharing so many of our stories, that we wanted to hear some of yours!

Every day for Pride Month, we are sharing videos from athletes all over the world telling us what Pride means to them. So far, we’ve gotten many wonderful submissions that truly represents the diversity of LGBTQ+ Sports from all over the world, but we need your help!

Send us a video, that is under 60 seconds. Introduce yourself, what sport/ physical activity do you participate in? What does PRIDE mean to you? And be sure to end with your name and “I Compete”

Once your video is made, send it to us! Send a direct message to us on our Facebook page or email us at dirk@competenetwork.com and we will let you know when it’s online, so you can share your story with the world!

Check out some of our videos here…