Life-long soccer player Ian Kendall moved from England to Long Beach, California at age 16. After a lot of searching he discovered the Long Beach Waverunners, an all-inclusive team that finally gave him a feeling of belonging, a sense of community. He believes it’s important that the LGBTQ community continues to push for sports diversity, for inclusion for all athletes.

Ian feels that sports give him a place to have friendly competition and create lasting bonds with both teammates and opponents in addition to keeping him active and able to set goals for his workouts. And he had his greatest athletic achievement at the 2017 Sin City Classic where he was named Division One Best Goalie.

Las Vegas has always been his favorite place to vacation, making the Sin City Classic his perfect location. Ian’s favorite Vegas spot used to be O’Sheas until they tore it down. But if you’re looking for him now when evening rolls round, try Piranha Nightclub; he says it’s always a fun time.

A financial analyst, Ian is happily married and wants to become a father. He says to be yourself and don’t be afraid about what other people will think of you.

Photos By: Joe Schmelzer