By Dirk Smith

The internet, oh the internet… Is full of fitspiration memes with motivational quotes pasted on a picture of someone showing off their ass or cleavage. Between all that cleavage is no shortage of fitness and nutrition advice on how to have a body just like that. From so called “health tonics” (PH balanced water anyone?) to everybody’s special “Butt Blaster” fitness challenges and the like. With all this information out there, there is no shortage of resources and places to help you find programs and advice to help you work toward achieving your fitness goals.

20229056_1553190058066398_8276821142763428770_n Most of it is BS however. While it doesn’t hurt to try new things and everybody is unique in the way that there is no “one solution” toward achieving anything, what works for someone else won’t necessarily work for you and vice versa. Unfortunately my computer doesn’t have nearly enough memory to cover all the bullshit so we’re going to narrow the focus on a topic I have had many discussions about.

What percentage of your effort should be devoted to diet versus exercise when it comes to “slimming down” or “getting those abs we all seek to do our laundry on.” I’ve seen many memes and “fitspiration” posts that’ll say “70% Diet, 30% gym” or perhaps “Abs are made in the kitchen” or some variation of that. (I mean I have looked all over my kitchen and I have not found any trolls working in a Rectus Abdominis factory.)

As much as I am not an advocate for fitness purely for aesthetics, I can tell you that there is no magic number of how much time and energy should be devoted to eating healthy and exercising to achieve your ideal physique. Like I said, every individual is unique in the way that what works for me isn’t necessarily going to work for you.

But did you go through all that effort to click the link and read this far just to hear that? No.

No matter what your pursuit in fitness, aesthetics, work, relationships, life or whatever else. The one constant that we can all universally control within ourselves is our effort. “80% Diet, 20% Gym” or whatever the numbers only represent one thing, effort. It is 100% Diet, 100% Gym. As in you put your absolute 100% best effort in your eating habits and training routine. Just like you would put 100% of your best effort in all aspects of your life.

True champions approach every opportunity and tackle every challenge at their personal best. Your best effort should be applied in all aspects of your life, and especially in the things that you pursue. Anything that suggests anything less than your best is simply not worth your time.