compete_july_2016_v10_i7_full-1Homophobia has raised its ugly head once again for openly gay professional race car driver Freddy Niblack. After he shared his story with Compete Magazine for their July issue, some of his sponsors decided to pull their money when he came out as gay. This has left Freddy without enough money to complete the required last two races of the season. If he can’t complete them, then he can’t qualify to run in the Indy 500 next year.

Growing up only a block from the famed race track, driving in the Indy 500 has been his childhood dream. And the fact is that his professional driving skills have earned him a shot at that dream … IF he can complete these last two circuit races of this season: Road America on August 4-7 and Road Atlanta on September 28-October 1.

Sponsors are critical to race car drivers’ success. Their sponsorship covers race entry fees and expenses for professional racers. The Sports Diversity Leadership Council is working to assist Freddy in finally reaching his childhood dream of racing in the Indy 500. Our goal is to raise $30,000 to ensure Freddy is able to race in these two last races of the season to qualify for the next year’s Indy 500.

We ask you to please donate what you can. It will not only help Freddy but it will also help to combat blatant homophobia. This isn’t the first time Freddy has suffered at the hands of people who have attacked him simply because he is gay. Please know that your support will be deeply appreciated!

To contribute to Freddy Niblack’s race to the Indy 500 go to:

To learn more about Freddy Niblack and to follow his journey to the Indy 500, check out the following:

*  Twitter: @freddy_niblack
*  Instagram: freddy niblack
*  Facebook:
*  Read Freddy’s story:




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