‘Giant Little Ones’ is a classic gay coming of age that finds a young high school swimmer at odds with his father’s recent coming out as gay while contending with his own internal struggle of sexual identity. In the story, the young man feels pressured to have a girlfriend, but finds himself having a drunken night of passion with his best friend. The next day the best friend outs the young swimmer and spreads rumors about him and the two point the fingers at each other.  The film explores themes including the pressure to conform to heteronormative ideals, being ostracise, bullying, being outed, and ultimately acceptance.

The film was shot in Ontario I 2017 and had its world premier in September, 2018 at the Toronto Film Festival. The festival named the film as one of their “Canada’s Top 10”  and writer/director Keith Behrman won the Vancouver Film Critics Circle award for Best Screenplay for a Canadian Film.

It is currently on limited release in the United States. Find more information about it here and watch the trailer below!

By Dirk Smith