Featured in our 5th Annual Faces of Sports Issue!

Compete Sports Diversity is proud to partner with the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance (NAGAAA) and its annual signature event, the Gay Softball World Series (GSWS). We know that it takes a “village” to hold a successful tournament of this scope.

We’re “Goin’ to Kansas City” to play some softball next year so we caught up with executive director Scott Switzer, SDL after this year’s GSWS in Tampa so we can feature the faces of 2019 Gay Softball World Series Kansas City (KC) team. He heads the 2019 GSWS Kansas City and created this list to introduce Compete to the team putting together this monumental event. He shares a bit of background on each of his team members.

Terri Goddard , SDL– Fundraising/Sponsorship.

This is her 37th year involved in gay softball. She is in the NAGAAA Hall of Fame (HOF) and the local Heart of America Softball League’s (HASL) HOF. After I took this on she was the first person I called. She ran the series in Kansas City in 1999, the last time it was here.

Michael Breeding – Finance 

He was been in softball for 13 years and I have played with him for about six. He is brilliant when it comes to money and has a passion to make sure we take this opportunity to educate more on HIV/AIDS which I truly appreciate.

Sheila Sheridan – Volunteers

I have known Sheila for 10 years; she’s very organized and well respected in the league. She recently was inducted into the HASL HOF. She is a true ally of the LGBTQ community.

Tom Simone – Hospitality

Tom was also on the 1999 committee. He has an extensive background in hospitality. I have played/coached with Tom for the past eight years.

Cameron Willcott – Compliance

He is in his fourth year of softball but also grew up around other sports. He is brilliant when it comes to contracts and makes sure we get all our ducks in a row.

Doug Wright – Administration

I think the rest of the committee would agree that he is our glue. He has organized us and can build a template or Google form for anything. He is our main tech guy which we all knew we needed.

Doug Reynolds – At Large

He was also involved in the 1999 planning. This is his 30th year in softball and he is in the local HASL HOF. He has been to several of the GSWS and is really helping us nail down the player experience.

Caine Kremendahl – Operations

Caine has been involved for 15 years in KC and Tampa softball. He knows the fields like the back of his hand and has a great grasp on what players want to see. He and his partner Anthony are getting married in November.

Chad Slater – Social Media

Chad is in his 12th year of softball. He was also inducted into the HASL HOF this year. Chad is the main LGBTQ karaoke and DJ guy in KC and has worked in all the bars. He helped me start our current softball team four years ago and helped start the local Pride night at the Royals.

Stefan White – Marketing

Stefan has been a great ally to us. He is on several boards in Kansas City. He sings in the Gay Men’s Chorus and always has fresh ideas for our website.