In a nice gesture, the San Diego Gay Men’s Chorus (SDGMC) has made lemonade out of the Saturday lemon at the Padres OUT at the Park game – instead of being able to sing the National Anthem as planned, the DJ played a soundtrack of a woman singing it.

The 100 volunteer choir members were forced to stand in center field throughout and then to crowd jeers like, “You sing like a woman,” they were led off the field once the song was over.

The Padres apologized, saying it was a mistake. They fired a third-party contractor as well as the DJ ARTFORM (real name is Art Romero) who also apologized and said there was no homophobic intent, simply a horrible mistake on his part.

Accepting his apology, the SDGMC issued a statement saying, “We … would like to publicly accept the sincere apology of DJ ARTFORM and recognize his support for the LGBT community and equality for all people.” Three cheers to SDGMC for keeping it classy!

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