As the Gay Bowl prepares to get underway, Denver, Colorado are putting the final touches on hosting their second Gay Bowl. Carrying the torch after 2017’s successful event, the pressure is on Denver to show that the Mile-High City can continue the legacy.

As the teams are running their final drills and packing their oxygen cans, the National Gay and Lesbian Flag Football League and the Denver Gay and Lesbian Flag Football League announced that Colorado’s own NFL team, the Denver Broncos have publicly declared their support for the 18th Edition of the annual event.

This is big news, as having the backing of the host city’s own NFL league and other professional sports teams can go a long way toward building an LGBTQ+ inclusive culture while breaking down barriers in the often-contentious relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and professional sports. NGFFL Commissioner, Thurman Williams explained…

“To have the Broncos on board helps to build credibility as we work on creating impact and change within the community around gay athletes in sports. We continue to expand our league and our footprint across the country it helps us to create the credibility we need to make that happen as well.”

The Denver Broncos have officially become a financial sponsor of the Gay Bowl in addition they are also sponsoring an introduction to the Denver Special Olympics, according to the NGFFL press release…

“As part of Gay Bowl XVIII, the DGLFFL has partnered with the Denver region of Special Olympics to host a special game on Saturday, Sept. 15 at 12:30 p.m. The Spectrum Skyhawks — the top Unified team from Denver’s Special Olympics — will join in play with a combination of players from the NGFFL cities and leagues, who are legends of the game.”

This isn’t the first time the Gay Bowl has had financial sponsorships from an NFL team. The 2017 Gay Bowl in Boston was the first major LGBTQ+ Sports Event to have the sponsorship of the New England Patriots. In addition, they also had sponsorship from the local teams of the NHL, MLB, MLS and NBA. Making it the first event to have not just one professional league sponsorship, but all five!

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