We are so pleased to continue bringing you Compete each month. Our team is very proud of the work we do to advance sports diversity by highlighting the efforts being made by a wide range of athletes, sports fans, businesses and organizations.

What began as a simple outreach to the gay sports community continues to evolve into a forum for sports diversity where our contributors, readers and advertising partners come together each month to make a difference.

In this issue we feature The Road to Rio. Compete’s journey has not been unlike the journey of many athletes, both gay and straight, chasing their Olympic dreams to Rio this summer. Now in our tenth year, we’ve been training for at least that long to be the most fun and informative sports diversity media organization across print and digital platforms.

We’ve faced the challenges of an economic recession in the same manner an Olympian might face an unexpected injury. We simply dusted ourselves off and continued to move forward. But what makes it easy to continue bringing you the best in sports diversity are the stories that inspire us to keep writing.

Athletes that continually overcome challenges and adversities to compete at the highest levels of play, whether in college, recreational, semi-professional or professional sports reflect the very best in us. And we love to get your feedback on how much you enjoy reading about them. You inspire us as we continue featuring these stories in the pages of Compete for many years to come.

Sport On,

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Eric Carlyle

Chief Executive Officer



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