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From The Skybox: Taking Us Back to Our Rugby Roots

I love rugby! In fact, rugby is one of my favorite sports. Compete was conceived on the rugby pitches of the 2006 Bingham Cup when I and my Compete co-founder David Riach participated in that event. The inspiration to create a new print magazine for gay sports was so strong that our preview issue debuted in February 2007, just nine months after the 2006 Bingham Cup.

Rugby is often recognized as the fastest growing sport in the U.S. along with sports such as Lacrosse. As a team sport, rugby has two components—being the best individual athlete you can be all the while coming together with your teammates to form a strong team unit.

That’s what we have done here at Compete—combining strong individuals to assemble an amazing team dedicated to bringing you this wonderful publication.

This month I’d like to introduce to you two new faces found inside this issue. Bobby Ciletti joins the Compete team as our style editor and Sarah Woodward joins us as a nutrition contributor. Both Bobby and Sarah are recognized as experts in their respective fields and are sure to bring you a ton of useful information. You can also check out their videos by visiting and clicking on the youtube icon.

So as this issue takes us back to our roots in rugby, it also moves the world of sports diversity forward as we continue to introduce you to more interesting and exciting things in the world of sports (did I mention you get to meet go-karter Derek Archer in this issue?).

I’d say sit back, relax and enjoy this month’s show.

Sport On,

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Eric Carlyle
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Photo by: Teams USA vs. Wales at USA Sevens Rugby Tournament in Las Vegas 


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