January is about making a fresh start, setting big goals and trying new things. That is what we said to ourselves when we started Compete back in 2006. Now in our eleventh year, we will begin 2017 by looking back at Compete’s first ten years, celebrating where we are today and making plans for bigger goals and more new things for this year.

This month you will find a selection of some of our favorite covers (of course, they are all our favorites!) in a special two-page section of the magazine. Looking back, each cover was special to us because each issue of Compete is filled with our team’s blood, sweat and tears. And since our magazine was founded on the rugby pitches of New York’s 2006 Bingham Cup, the blood, sweat and tears part has a literal meaning for us.

But putting rugby aside, we have featured many different sports on the cover of Compete. Basketball, cycling, diving, fitness, football, rodeo, running, soccer, race car driving, softball, swimming, weightlifting and wrestling are just some of the sports we have featured over the years.

In 2017 we will continue featuring your favorite sports and introducing you to sports you may not be familiar with, all the while encouraging you to participate in a sport as an athlete or to appreciate and enjoy it as a fan.

And remember, we always appreciate your feedback. If you would like to see something in Compete Magazine or on our website, CompeteNetwork.com, please let me know because you, our readers, are Compete Magazine.

By the time you read through this special issue of Compete, the ball will have already dropped – 2017 is already here. But metaphorically at least, we want to thank you for ringing in the New Year with us by reading and enjoying this issue.

Sport On,

Eric Carlyle