You could say we got the Compete balling rolling in the summer of 2006. Although the idea for Compete came earlier that year, August 6, 2006 is the day we officially opened the Compete office. Our original tagline was “The Best Gay Sports Magazine in the World.” Frankly, that was an easy tagline to claim since we were the first (and still the only) LGBT sports magazine.

We officially printed our preview issue (as Sports Out Loud) in February 2007. At 24 pages it was just enough of a teaser to show prospective readers and advertisers what we were all about. We began passing out our preview issue at events in Arizona, California and Nevada. In fact, Compete was the “big thing” at the 2007 Phoenix Pride. Our booth was mobbed by athletes and sports fans.

Using the preview issue as our guide, we spent the next several months putting together our launch issue. We decided to make our first issue a swimsuit issue and feature athletes from Dallas on both the cover and in the magazine. In June, once the issue hit the streets, a flood of press was directed at us – everyone from Perez Hilton to Sports Illustrated and more wanted to talk to us. It was tremendously exciting since as a kid, I always had dreamed of being in Sports Illustrated. We were groundbreakers!

Actually, Compete drew so much media attention that our website crashed due to the sheer number of hits we received. Compete’s cofounder, David Riach worked to upgrade the website from our hotel room in Dallas where we had gone to launch Compete. Once back in our hometown, we felt like we really had accomplished something special.

We are now lucky enough to celebrate three anniversaries. The first anniversary, the founding of our company is celebrated on August 6th. Our second anniversary date, the release of our preview issue, is celebrated on February 6th. And our third anniversary, the launch of our first full issue of Compete, is in June.

So it is with great pride that we celebrate this issue as our 8th Anniversary Issue. After nearly nine years in business, it seems like dreams really do come true. And we want to thank you, our readers for joining us in this dream-turned-reality!


Sport On,

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Eric Carlyle
Chief Executive Officer


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