Wade Davis is my hero. As the co-founder of Compete Magazine, I have gotten to meet many professional athletes and sports celebrities. But the one who has made the biggest difference in my life is Wade Davis. Wade is more than just an amazing athlete and LGBT community advocate—he walks his talk.

I first heard about Davis from my friends who play flag football. They told me about the former Tennessee Titan football player who was leading the New York Warriors flag football team. “A former NFL player playing gay flag football?” I thought “No way.”

Well, after a bit of investigation I discovered Davis was out and proud on the flag football field. His knowledge of the game and obvious athleticism made him one of the National Gay Flag Football League’s (NGFFL) shining stars. In fact he was inducted into the NGFFL’s Hall of Fame in 2013.

As many of our readers know, Compete is more about the everyday athlete than the professional superstar. But with Wade Davis we get both—and in a very humble and down-to-earth package.

You can read about Davis in this issue of Compete so I do not want to spoil any more of his story. But I do want to applaud him for all of his efforts to make both amateur and professional sports more open and diverse.

Thank you, Mr. Davis for all you do. It really takes a special man to jump from the field of professional sports onto the field of amateur flag football and into the fire of LGBT advocacy … and to do it all with such conviction and integrity.

Sport On,

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Eric Carlyle
Chief Executive Officer