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From The Skybox: Jenner’s Journey


When I first saw news reports speculating that (then) Bruce Jenner was transitioning from male to female I have to admit I did not pay the story much attention. There are several reasons for that. First, since Jenner had not con- firmed the story I considered it to be a private matter. Secondly, if the story was true, in my opinion Jenner was not really transition- ing from male to female because Jenner was already a female by simply matching body to mind.

But I have to admit, as speculation grew and the press began reporting about the story more and more, I became more interested. In fact, many in the Compete office asked why the story was so important to me. The truth is I didn’t care whether or not Jenner was transitioning. But if that was the case then it was the biggest sports diversity story—ever.

Jenner wasn’t just any athlete. At the time of her Olympic gold-medal-winning performance, she was universally pro- claimed as the “world’s greatest athlete.” So what would happen if the “world’s greatest athlete” was really a women living in a man’s body? Apparently, she would win the 1976 Olympic decathlon.

Since Jenner revealed her story to Diane Sawyer this spring, the whirlwind of media attention has continued to grow, including Caitlyn’s own reality show on E!. Probably the biggest appearance Jenner has made since the Sawyer’ interview was her July 15th acceptance of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the ESPYs. Truly a deserving winner, Jenner once again stated her desire to be a voice for the LGBT community.

The reality show that premiered last month has instantly become a ratings winner. And thanks to Caitlyn’s desire to provide an inspiration to those in a similar situation, she is now demomstrating that being who you really are is always OK.

I applaud Caitlyn Jenner, not only for having the courage to live an authentic life but more importantly, for inspiring others on the same journey.


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