In 2008 Compete Magazine named Jeff Kagan its first Athlete of the Year. Since then Kagan has been joined by six other amateur athletes that have taken their place beside Jeff and accepted this important honor. In 2013 we changed the name of the award to the Mark Bingham Athlete of the Year Award (AOTY). Bingham was a founding member of the San Francisco Fog Rugby Football Club and a hero aboard flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001.

Each year the award honors two athletes—Bingham for his bravery and dedication to LGBT sports and the winner for his or her dedication to sports and to the LGBT community. Each year we invite our winner to the Compete Sports Diversity Awards to accept this honor in person and be acknowledged for his or her efforts.

This year we will be hosting the Awards in Los Angeles on November 10 and we would love to honor … well, you. The AOTY nomination process begins September 10th and runs through October 1st. Nominations will be reviewed by our selection com- mittee and the winner will be announced during our Awards.

The selection criteria include a commitment to personal achievement, active participation in an individual or team sport, commitment to supporting/encouraging others in sports and a commitment to the LGBT sporting community or the overall LGBT community.

You can nominate yourself (or another deserving athlete) online at We would love to name you our 2015 Mark Bingham Athlete of the Year.



Sport On,

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Eric Carlyle
Chief Executive Officer


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