Our annual swimsuit issue is always one of our most popular and no wonder, especially with this year’s group of models from the Denver area – they’re a great looking bunch of athletes and we love being able to showcase them in Compete Magazine. But we also have other great information to share with you in this issue.

April 15 is more than just the Internal Revenue Service deadline for tax returns. It’s also Major League Baseball’s (MLB) Jackie Robinson Day that annually honors one of the legendary heroes of not just baseball alone but also of the larger picture of sports diversity. This year is the 70th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, breaking the color barrier that for 80 years or more had existed in the modern sports era.

Although his famous No. 42 was retired in perpetuity, so many players continued asking to wear it that MLB wound up changing the rules. Now all uniformed members of all 30 MLB teams wear No. 42 on their uniforms for Jackie Robinson Day. While many of those who played with Robinson are now gone, the younger generation of players feels it’s a deep honor to wear his number. And it reminds us of the continuing need for diversity, inclusion and equality in sports to combat the racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia that even after 70 years still exists.

There’s also a great article on what may become our next great sports obsession, Big 3 – a new 3-on-3 basketball touring league that is bringing back some of the great legends of the NBA as well as what one writer has called some of the league’s cult favorites. It’s a whole new concept dreamed up by Ice Cube and it’s already well underway. Expect to see players like Allen Iverson, Julius “Dr. J” Erving and Clyde Drexler to name just a few. Stay tuned because it’s moving quickly – Kobe Bryant has been invited but hasn’t responded yet.

And please, don’t forget to read about the wonderful recreational athletes you see featured in Compete. They are the everyday individuals who are actively engaged in the sports diversity movement, keeping things moving forward and making sports more open and accepting for all athletes. To those of us at Compete Magazine, they also rank as genuine “legends.”

Keep Smiling,

Connie Wardman, M.A., SDL