A banner that read “Warsawa Wolna Od Pedalstwa” which translates to “Warsaw Free From Faggots” and the LGBT acronym with a red slash through it was unfurled during a match on March 1st between Legia Warsaw and Miedź Legnica at the Polish Army Stadium. It was a bold declaration from Legia Warsaw fans for their political message against the LGBTI community by displaying their hate during a sports event.

The banner was first tweeted by the Fare Network and is believed to be in response to Warsaw mayor Rafał Trzaskowski who made a declaration affirming LGBT rights and protection from discrimination. It was the first declaration to protect LGBTI rights made in an eastern Europe country and not without backlash against Trzaskowski.

The Fare Network, Pink News and other organizations have reached out to Legia Warsaw who have so far not responded to any requests for comment nor have they made any kind of statement condemning the banner.

Poland currently ranks 38th out of 49 European Countries in terms of LGBT rights and protections. Other than the move by Trzaskowski, Poland offers very little if any protection for LGBT citizens and the  conservative government has been openly hostile toward the LGBT community.

By Dirk Smith