Taking the stage in the Professional Ballroom Dancing division at the British National Championships in the famous Blackpool Winter Gardens. Michal Litke and Mariusz Rafal Stankiewicz made history by becoming the first ever same sex couple to compete in Professional Level Ballroom Dancing.

Source- Michal Litke’s Facebook

Professional Dance Sport has always traditionally been Male/Female and pegged in tradition that have limited opportunities for Gay and Lesbian dancers from participating with a partner of the same sex. Same Sex Dancing has been a part of the Gay Games since the 1990s, but dance competitions that have permitted Same Sex pairs have often been limited to LGBT specific organized dances, sporting events such as Gay Games, and clubs such as the UK Same Sex Dance Council and the North American Same Sex Partner Dance Association

Litke and Stankiewicz are very familiar faces to the Same Sex Dancing community. They are both professional dancers and coaches, having participated in many Gay Games events as well as professional dance events such as the World Championships and Latin European Championships. However, their dance at the British National Championships is very historic as they are the first Same Sex Pair to compete at such a high level professional dancing event.

Their performance definitely turned heads, not only for the pair themselves, but for their amazing routine and chemistry. They received a lot of positive feedback from friends, audience members and fellow participants all showed their support for the pair. We hope this will be the first of many Professional Same Sex Dancing pairs to take to the floor at the national and international level.

By Dirk Smith