As I predicted, the trio of figure skaters this season on Dancing with the Stars are proving themselves to be a force as they swept the podium on this week’s episode. Leading the charge of course, is the ultimate queen, Adam Rippon with a flawless performance. Tonya Harding’s quick step to Redneck Woman and Mirai Nagasu, despite an awkward song selection (“It’s A Small World”, yes… that one.) managed to keep herself in the game. It is shaping up to be quite the competition.

Adam Rippon, still riding the wave of fame that has swept him up since the Olympics is building quite a name for himself off the ice, showing off his amazing skills he is certainly doing a lot to show the world what Adam Rippon is really made of, an authentic and unapologetic person who is living life.

Tonya Harding, enjoying a comeback opportunity after her biopic “I, Tonya” hit the theatres to rave reviews and a handful of Oscar Nominations. She is finally getting a chance to redeem herself and be recognized beyond her history. Her performance on DWTS shows that she still has the amazing athleticism and energy that carried her through landing the triple axel.

Looking forward to seeing what happens next week!


By Dirk Smith