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Adam McCabe, former pro and current semi-professional soccer player
… for coming out as gay. Now playing for Atlanta’s Georgia Revolution, he has said he’s ready to help other LGBTQ athletes who are struggling with their sexuality.

Donna de Varona, double Olympic swimming gold medalist
… for being named winner of the U.S. Sports Academy’s (USSA) 2016 Theodore Roosevelt Meritorious Achievement Award. It is presented to an individual in any amateur or professional sport (past or present) who has “excelled as a contributor to both sport and society over at least a decade.”

Robert MarchandRobert Marchand, 105-Year-Old Cyclist
… for setting a cycling world record in an age category created just for him – the 105-plus age group. The retired French fire-fighter renewed his interest in cycling at age 68.

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Irele Oderinde, University of Oregon’s Newly-hired football strength and conditioning coach
… for putting players through a week of such grueling offseason workouts that three players were admitted to a local hospital. The university suspended Oderinde without pay for a month, issued an apology to the players and announced that all future workouts have been modified.