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Fast Slopes Hard Bod.

Ski season is happening! With the conclusion of Gay Ski Week, there is still a lot of Pow Pow to take on. Are you ready for a full day of fun? The most crucial step though is preparing yourself to spend a day on the mountain without feeling like you climbed it!


Here’s some great tips and exercises to incorporate into your gym routine on how to keep yourself on the slopes all winter long, prevent injuries and work on that killer bod in time for the pool party at Aspen Gay Ski Week.


  • Squats are your friend! Whenever you are skiing and snowboarding you’re maintaining a squatting position so it’s good to be doing a lot of squats. Plus they’ll give you a nice butt! Try these different variations of squats to mix it up!


    • -One Legged Squats
    • -Wall Sits
    • -Squat Jumps


  • Balance and core training is good! When skiing and snowboarding you’re moving around a lot and facing lots of terrain. Being able to stay balanced is important to keep you on your feet and better to handle those turns with better control. Here are my favorite balance exercises to try!


    • -Lunges/Squats on BOSU Ball
    • -Side to Side Tap on BOSU Ball
    • -Standing on 1 Leg (on ground, BOSU, dyna-disk)
    • -Plank on BOSU ball.


  • Explosions! Jump up and add plyometrics! All the great skiers and snowboarders need to have a strong vertical jump to be able to get air and land softly. Add some plyometric exercises and focus not only on the explosive jump but having a soft, balanced and controlled landing. Try this!


Squat Jumps. Start in a squat, jump up and land in the same spot and hold the squat for a few moments and repeat.
Side-to-Side Hops. Find a spot on both sides to land on every time. When you land hold the position and stay balanced for a moment before jumping to the other side.
Jump and Twist. Similar to the squat jumps, come down into a squat, jump up and twist 180 degrees in the air before landing in the same spot again. Skiers keep your feet and knees together and snowboards hold a wider stance as if you were on the snowboard. Make sure to twist both directions!

Don’t forget about upper body to! If you do fall, you have to get yourself back up right? Make sure to keep doing upper body exercises so that you don’t hurt yourself just trying to stand up. Plus working on your upper body will help you hold a good posture which is good to stay balanced and in control.


-Tricep Dips


Incorporate these exercises into your gym routine at least twice a week! There are lots more out there as well, not only will they keep you on the slopes all winter but also they will help you keep all those pounds off when the holidays come around.


By Dirk Smith

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