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Fabulous Fall

Featured in our September/ October Issue of Compete Magazine!

Fall is here; my favorite season of the year. it’s a busy time of year for sports and there are lots of great sports stories in this issue of Compete, including an interesting interview with the legendary Deion Sanders by guest writer Matt Swenson. Sanders is just as fascinating and opinionated an athlete now as he was when he was the young phenom playing in both the NFL and MLB.

Who is Shigeo Iwamiya? In addition to gracing our Compete cover, he’s also a recreational athlete dedicated to promoting LGBTQ sports and the community. He is one of many unsung individual heroes who are the backbone of the sports diversity movement. And on a corporate level, the WNBA is showing its continue support for gay coach Curt Miller as he becomes an LGBTQ hero. Both stories are heartwarming.

Softball season is wrapping up but it’s not too soon to be working on next year’s tournament.

There is a recap of NAGAAA’s 2018 Gay Softball World Series (GSWS) and then Scott Switzer of the Kansas City host committee provides an update for the 2019 GSWS. Sports editor Dirk Smith weighs in on his experiences at this year’s Gay Games in Paris and the ongoing importance of this international tournament. There’s also an update from the host committee for 2022 Gay Games to be held in Hong Kong.

In order to continue its existence as a viable organization, every LGBTQ sports group has to meet the changing sociological and generational trends, interests and attitudes in its current and potential members. So we asked the heads of three successful groups who are holding their signature events this fall – ASANA Softball World Series; IGRA World Gay Rodeo Finals; and NGFFL Gay Bowl – what their plans are for the upcoming year to address these challenges.

There’s also a story on the fun learning opportunities plus money and prizes at the Sports Diversity Leadership Council’s “The Goldfish Bowl.” Don’t miss the next one at the SDLC Conference on November 10. And speaking of the conference, we’re finalizing plans for the 2018 Compete Sports Diversity Awards, aka The “Peteys” as well as our first Sports Diversity Conference on November 10-11.

With fall here and all this fabulous activity going on, what’s not to love and get excited about! And don’t miss our November 9-11 weekend of awards, conference and camaraderie being held this year in the Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa areas of Arizona. For more information, contact us at [email protected]

By Connie Wardman

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