Featured in our 5th Annual Faces of Sports Issue!

This is our fifth “Faces of Sports” issue and it’s a tradition we hope continues for a long time to come. Thanks to the difficult, even dangerous work of past sports pioneers, today there is a growing group of “faces” to select.

This year we started with about 50 possible candidates that were eventually narrowed to the individuals in this issue. Something new this year is including our Petey Award winners in this issue. After all, our winners most certainly are true “Faces of Sports.”

Three faces that I want to feature in my letter this month are very important and deserving faces.

Connie Wardman

Connie’s real strength is that of a teacher and mentor, something she demonstrates regularly in her role as our executive editor. Her features and stories educate, inspire and inform. Almost daily I get an email or phone call from someone who has been touched by Connie’s writing gift. Our writers and freelancers turn to her both for advice and for help with conducting interviews or writing stories to share with our readers.

Jared Garduno

Jared is a coach and mentor, a person always wanting to provide value to our customers and clients as well as support to our team. As a vice president, Jared takes his leadership role at Compete seriously. When I need help I immediately reach out to Jarred—as do our clients and customers. That makes Jared a strong part of the Compete team.

Heather Brown

Heather is the art director for Compete Magazine and also does design work for a number of its clients through her outstanding graphic design firm, Cultural Sponge. With over 10 years as a lead designer working on marketing campaigns, logo design, radio and TV campaigns, she’s an important part of our team that helps us design Compete.

While this letter features three very important people and this issue features many more, there are a number other “Compete faces” on the team that help us fulfill our motto of “Uniting the World Through Sports.” They also deserve recognition and I will be calling them out in my letters throughout the year.

In the meantime, enjoy this very special annual issue.

By Eric Carlyle, SDLC- Publisher/ CEO of Compete Magazine