Drag Queen and Beyoncé Impersonator, Aaron Carty took on the seven-day challenge to climb 5,364 meters to reach Everest Base Camp. However, his goal was not only to reach the basecamp, but to perform as his idol while he was there.

So, despite the lack of running water, freezing temperatures, snow, and altitude sickness. Carty took his supplies and his Beyoncé costume into his pack to move forward in pursuit of a dream he had when he was 16 years old. As far as is known, there has never been a drag queen to perform or visit Everest Basecamp in drag before now.

The effort to realize his dream wasn’t just another routine climb to Basecamp as Carty had to make room in his pack for the costume. The Beyoncé costume alone took up half the space in his bag, and he had to leave behind other creature comforts in order to meet the weight limit for the baggage on his flight. However, Carty ensured that he had all the crucial supplies he needed for the seven-day trek to the Basecamp.

Arriving to the Basecamp wasn’t the challenging part though. Once he arrived, it was time to change into his hot denim short shorts in temperatures minus 15 degrees Celsius. As Carty described,

“Walking for four hours in the snow, to then have to take your clothes off in front of 100 people to get into drag and dance, isn’t much fun.”

But the final performance paid off for Carty, who high kicked and shimmied to Beyoncé’s ‘Welcome (Homecoming Live).’ While the experience was certainly fabulous albiet grueling for Carty, he is not planning an encore, as he described it as a “one-time experience.” However, his love for Beyoncé is motivating him to find more unique places in which he can take his show to.

His experience and performance is profiled on Twitter with the help of Pink News. Check it out!

By Dirk Smith