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R. Zachary Sanzone


As we got ready to go to game three of the 2015 World Series, Chris, my closest friend since college, considered wearing his vintage Lenny Dykstra Mets jersey. What scorn I had for Dykstra for being part of the 1986 Mets championship team that beat my precious Red Sox was exacerbated earlier in the week when he bragged on Colin Cowherd’s show “The Herd” about spending over $500,000 on private investigators to dig up dirt on Major League umpires.

Dykstra used the findings as blackmail against umpires in order to boost his statistical performance, particularly closeted ones. Instead of Dykstra’s, Chris chose to wear his late grandfather’s numberless Mets jersey, which helped bring much needed luck to the Mets who were already down two games against the Royals going into Friday night’s game.

Dykstra is the latest among a string of current and former Mets players to express their anti-gay attitudes. Last March, Mets’ second baseman Daniel Murphy told the New York Daily News that he “disagrees with the fact that Billy [Bean] is a homosexual” due to his Christian beliefs.

Of course, the Mets organization doesn’t promote bigotry (Mets general manager Sandy Alderson had asked Billy Bean to spend a day in uniform with the team, which incited Murphy). However, if baseball teams are going to encourage diversity, players like Murphy will have to understand that their viewpoints are not immune to criticism, or worse, he might find himself without a contract in years to come.

In that case, it would only be appropriate for Murphy to join John Rocker on Main Street in Cooperstown during Hall of Fame Weekend as they try to sell their autographs to the 40,000 plus people ignoring them as they walk to Clark Sports Center to see men of integrity get inducted.


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