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DIVA: Austin Summerfest 2017

Get ready to SPIKE (AND NOT JUST THE PUNCH) on July 29-30 when everybody’s favorite DIVA, the Dallas Independent Volleyball Association will be hosting this year’s edition of the North American Gay Volleyball League’s (NAGVA) Annual Summerfest Volleyball Tournament. Yes, the event is hosted by DIVA and yes, the event is set to take place in Austin, Texas.

NAGVA is very inclusive and welcoming for all players who love volleyball, so get involved. If you’ve ever attended Summerfest you already know how much fun it is. It will offer tournaments in 3 divisions. A-3, BB, and B. Registrations are limited to a max number of teams so if you’re thinking about going, sign up today at

The tournament is open for all LGBTQ+ people. However, you must be with a team in order to register since there are no individual slots offered for the tournament. NAGVA is “an organization, committed to promoting and developing the sport of volleyball in the GLBT community,” so if you are ready to play but are still looking for a team or league to join, visit You can quickly find leagues and teams in your area.


So how’s your game? Are you and your team ready to take on the best of Texas? Volleyball is such a fun, active and high energy sport. Get your game in gear for Summerfest 2017 with some of these training tips:


Volleyball players have a high rate of shoulder injuries stemming from the powerful, overhead movements that can cause a strain or tear within the muscles and joints of the shoulder. If you’re lacking strength and stability within your shoulder joints, you are at a higher risk of injuring yourself during practice or a game. Consider adding some of these exercises into your training routine: rowing machine, inverted rows, horizontal shoulder external rotation and reverse flys on fitball.


In volleyball, you are constantly pivoting, jumping and moving in all directions. Adding balance and stability exercises, especially with one foot at a time can really add an extra level of strength and stability to enhance your game.


Going along with the stability training, adding extra agility training and getting your legs and feet used to pivoting and moving around with power and speed in all directions will help you step up your skills, making you an even more valuable member of your team.


Always put in your best effort, whether it’s during practice, during Summerfest or other tournaments, even in your own training outside of volleyball. Give it your best effort and show that you are there to support your teammates and to do your part in helping the team succeed. Even if you don’t win, you’ll know that as an individual and as a team member, if you put in your best effort, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Stay focused on the moment. Don’t let yourself get distracted by the future outcome of the game or what has already happened. Get in the zone and focus on completing the task at hand; any other distractions can wait until after your task is completed.


That’s why we take part, right? The most important part of your game is to have fun!

Always be supportive, enthusiastic and positive with your teammates. Everybody is there for the same reason and you can really come together as a team when you lift each other up.


By David Smith




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